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Department of Logistics

Logistics is an industry ever moving forward. The very position of the Czech Republic among other European countries alone, with the label of a “strategic transit country” means that our graduates will always have work to do. In addition, any company that produces any kind of products must address their transport to retail outlets. And what about when we start to fly e-shop and transportation companies’ drones over our heads? Who will oversee their safe and reliable operation? It seems that this sector will still continue to open new opportunities for a long time.

However, let us start at the beginning. The Department of Logistics now guarantees graduate profiles in “management of production and logistical systems” in the bachelor’s study of Risk management, with the possibility to continue in the successive master’s study. The Department owns a laboratory where you will become acquainted to software of worldwide application for modelling of traffic situations, the traffic load rates on transport infrastructures or production lines, in connection with project and process management. You will study subjects from the area of risk management and crisis management which form the basis for the education of quality managers. You will also frequent the laboratory of cyber-security and learn how to interactively analyze, model and solve risk situations that can arise in your industry. Add countless excursions, lectures and practical training to this. Who knows, maybe it will actually be your thesis that will contribute to solving some of the issues mentioned above.

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