Department of Crisis Management

Science and Research

Without active search for new knowledge and regular exchange of experience within the professional community, instruction would quickly decline in currency. This is why Department of Crisis Management considers research as the area of priority activities. Most of the Department staff participate in international conferences and specialized workshops project activities on a regular basis. Department of Crisis Management is currently implementing the following project plans:

  • Risk Management in Organizations (Research Organization Development project – investigator: dr Tomaštík).
  • Project of the Establishment of Laboratory of Applied Cyber-Security (Research Organization Development project – investigator: dr. Konečný).
  • Developing Methodology for Risk Management in Selected Museums of the Czech Republic (Project of Integrated Grant Agency – investigator: dr. Tomaštík).
  • Student’s Research and Professional Activity at the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management 2018 (Project of Integrated Grant Agency – investigator: Ing. Dokulil).

In response to the current security situation, the Department of Crisis Management started establishing a laboratory of applied cyber-security, aimed at risks in the virtual realm. Students develop critical thinking skills necessary for dealing with cyber-attacks. The laboratory is presumed to be divided into several departments. In one of them, student teams will be inventing cyber attacks, while the other departments will be defending themselves from them. The opening of the laboratory equipped with latest the CAD software, a 3D printer and other modern technologies is scheduled for the beginning of the academic year 2018/2019.

The staff of the Department of Crisis Management are also involved in organizational activities. Since 2014, they have been in charge of the preparation of the international conference Crisis Management and Crisis Situation Solutions, which is the only regular event for the professional community to meet at the Faculty. As part of the student section, students also have access to the event every year, allowing them an interesting opportunity to discuss their first scientific papers with experts from practice.


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