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Department of Crisis Management

Science and Research

Without an active search for new knowledge and regular exchange of experiences with the professional community, teaching would quickly lose its relevance. Therefore, scientific research is an essential area for the Institute of Crisis Management. A significant number of employees of the institute regularly participate in international conferences, professional workshops, and participate in project activities. Currently, the following project plans are being addressed at the Institute of Crisis Management:

  • Risk management and crisis management in organizations (RVO project – researcher: Dr. Tomaštík).
  • Implementation of risk management and principles of Arts Management in museums in the Czech Republic (IGA project – researcher: Dr. Tomaštík).
  • SVOČ FLCM 2020 (IGA project – researcher: Dr. Hoke)

Employees of the Institute of Crisis Management are also active in organizational activities. Since 2014, they have been taking care of the preparation of the international CrisCon conference, which is the only regular meeting of the professional community at the faculty. Within the student section, students also have access to this event every year, for whom it is an interesting opportunity to discuss their scientific debts with experts from practice. More information about this conference is available on the official website

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