Tomas Bata University in Zlín



Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management forms the basis of four departments. Whether they are interconnected more or less, one thing remains unchanged: they are connected in the area of crisis management. The rest is only a matter of the point of view, objectives, or range. Sometimes, it is in connection with population protection and society security, at other times it concerns crisis management and risk management in companies, and yet at other times it deals with environmental risk management. And we must not forget logistics. This area also cannot avoid crisis management, quite on the contrary, it demands it!

Although each department focuses on a different sphere of interest, it is quite common for them to cooperate on some projects. In the other cases, the departments have their own thematic focuses which they deal with both in instruction and in scientific and research activities.

Let us therefore perhaps have a closer look and close in on the issues individual departments focus on one after the other:

Faculties and departments