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Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management has been originated on 1st September 2009 from Institute of Security Technologies of Faculty of Technology. As the youngest faculty of Tomas Bata University in Zlin, it’s then at the beginning of its development and in the stage of personal construction and institutionalization. Among priority objectives for the following period primarily fall:

  • faculty profilation within the frame of TBU in Zlin in light of research activities,
  • building and stabilization of personal structure to develop research activities of faculty,
  • involvement in international research projects and grants,
  • continuing to establish international cooperation with foreign universities through bilateral agreements,
  • development of cooperation with the other faculties across TBU in Zlin focused on cooperation, communication and support of further development of faculty.

The main directions of faculty’s research activity are given by faculty’s orientation which is logistics, crisis management and environmental security. Research objectives of logistics field as booming science in current global world, which creates considerable field for management systems optimization, industrial company processes optimization and also for optimization processes of tertiary sphere organizations with emphasis on competitiveness increasing and elimination of negative impacts on living environment in long-time horizon of sustainable growth, are following:

  • global logistics and logistics in international business,
  • logistics system projection (e.g. management systems of purchase, production, stock holding, distribution or reverse material flows),
  • green logistics and green supply chain management,
  • analysis of trends having impact on industrial logistics, e.g. globalization, security, regulations, harmonization, social responsibility, technological innovation and demographic evolution,
  • logistics support of crisis situations.

Research objectives in crisis management field, which are given the fact that education focused on security questions has got strongly cross-disciplinary character which enables to cover in considerable scope research programs from technical norms over statutory rules and EU activities harmonization, are following:

  • analysis, identification and management of risk in business sphere,
  • hazards minimalization and solving of crisis situations jeopardizing inhabitants (e.g. floods, landslides, erosive processes),
  • human resources management in crisis situations and crisis management,
  • solving of socioeconomic society risks at municipal, regional, national and supra-national level.

Research objectives in environmental security field, have got a character of cross-disciplinary environmental alignment involving partial professional and globally conceived studies from field of climatology, geography, geology, biology and further sciences applied within the frame of climatic changes reconstruction and modelling; prediction, location and monitoring of environmental geo-hazards and risks; management of environment protection and sustainable growth; biodiversity protection and up-to-date landscape ecology, are following:

  • environmental security, hazards and risks (prediction, monitoring, sanitation),
  • clime evolution and related environmental transformation (global historical context),
  • applied environmental research (study and protection of biodiversity, landscape ecology, natural resources, stability of ecosystems and biotopes),
  • environmental management within the frame of sustainable socioeconomic development,
  • cultural-historical adaptation of society in relation to natural environment changes,
  • geo-informatics and geo-ecology as contextual part of integrated natural, humanitarian and socioeconomic studies.

Although the research activities of Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management are at the beginning, it can already be recognized some activities that are base for future improving and growth.

Those activities are: (state to 22. 9. 2011)

  • Holding of international scientific conference “Logistics in Theory and Practice” twice per academic year, which is a part of project „CZ.1.0.7/2.4.00/12.0069 – Logistics Centre“.
  • Realization of OP Education for Competitive Advantage project, priority axis 7.2, grant area 7.2.2, “Education Improving – Innovation and Modernization of Education at Recently Originated FLKR” CZ.1.07/2.2.00/15.0036.
  • Realization of MSMT project, Program for Development of Instrumentation and Modern Technologies, “Building of Material-Technical Base for Logistics Support of Crisis Management, Inhabitants Protection, Protection of Critical Infrastructure Part and Living Environment.
  • Realization of project “Logistics Centre” within the frame of Operational Program – Education for Competitive Advantage 2.4, CZ1.07/2.4.00/12.0069.
  • Student Development Project of Zlin Region, „Emergency Supplies of Inhabitants by Fresh Water under Un-Common Conditions”.
  • Student Development Project of Zlin Region, “Transportation Mapping and Analysis of Dangerous Items Transportation Control System under conditions of Zlin region”.
  • Intensification of cooperation with industrial sphere of Zlin region within the frame of applied research, innovations and creative activities.
  • Annual arrangement of Student Research Activity Competition.

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