Department of Population Protection


Studying at the Department is not just for serious enthusiasts and loyal protectors of the population. It is also intended for all the professionals and experts who have been active in practice for some time. In short, there is something for everyone and it is up to everyone which route they take after their study. Units of the Integrated Rescue System, regional and municipal Departments of Crisis Management or other institutions involved in crisis management – these are just some of the destinations our graduates land and, at the same time, some of our partners for the development of both the Department and our students, for example via compulsory internships.

The study is based on the current needs stemming from potential threats to the population. These include in particular the threat of natural character but also the risks associated with terrorism, crime and illegal migration. Also, we must not forget the risks associated with industrial accidents, hygiene and the spread of highly contagious diseases. The study will teach you to predict emergencies and create preventive and repressive steps for their assessment, elimination and removal.  In the course of your study, you can participate in Students’ Research and Professional Activities and possibly work as a junior researcher under the leadership of experienced academic researchers to extend your knowledge in selected areas of science and research.


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