Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Department of Population Protection


Studying at our department is not just for avid enthusiasts and loyal protectors of the population. It is also intended for all professionals and experts who have been in practice for some time. Components of the Integrated Rescue System, crisis management departments of regions and cities, or other institutions in connection with crisis management. These are just some of the target destinations of our graduates and at the same time our partners for the development of the institute and our students, for example during the period of compulsory internships.

The study is based on current needs that arise from possible threats to the population. These include mainly threats of a natural nature in the military and non-military field, including threats and risks of a naturogenic and anthropogenic nature, terrorism, and the secondary, possibly tertiary consequences of the global economic recession. The study will teach you to predict emergencies and create preventive and repressive steps to evaluate and eliminate them and removal.

The knowledge gained in the study of natural sciences together with professional profiling subjects is a guarantee for the education of skilled workers, able to hold various functions after graduation, whose job is directly related to the protection of the population in emergencies, their prevention, prediction, evaluation, and elimination of possible consequences. During your studies, you can participate in Student Scientific Professional Activities and, if necessary, work as an auxiliary scientific force under the guidance of experienced academics to expand your knowledge in selected areas of science and research.

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