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Study Programs

Bachelor’s degrees

Within the framework of the bachelor’s degree, the study programs Applied Logistics, Public Protection, Environmental Safety, and Risk Management can be studied at our faculty. The entire study is three years long and is completed by a state final examination.

After clicking on your chosen study program, you will be redirected to the course search engine for more information. In case you would like to know more about the specific subjects taught in each study program, you can find them in the study plans.

Study programs:

Applied Logistics (full-time)

There isn’t a company or person who doesn’t deal with logistics. Not just the routine transportation of goods, but what about a country’s strategic inventory, dealing with the entire transportation infrastructure, or complete industrial production plans? Optimizing the supply of raw materials, management, economics, informatics, … It’s all logistics.

And why applied? Practice, practice, and more practice. You’ll be ready to manage a team of people and be a key part of any company or organization.

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Public Protection (full-time and combined)

First line. Integrated Rescue System. Coordination of rescue work. Psychology of crises. Fire and chemical protection. Emergency and disaster response. You won’t be bored here.

In three years, we will prepare you theoretically and practically for work within the Integrated Rescue System, crisis management authorities, security departments of companies, security agencies, and others.

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Risk Management (full-time and combined form)

Being a manager in times of peace and prosperity is easy. But what if something goes wrong? Where are the contingency plans? Who will keep calm and cool? Or better yet, how to not let any trouble happen at all?

That’s exactly the job of a crisis manager. Crisis planning, security of facilities and people, crisis economics, cyber security, … You can find very good jobs anywhere from private companies to the government. Are you in?

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Environmental Security (full-time)

It’s no surprise that in recent years we’ve been experiencing events we’re not used to. Torrential rains, floods, droughts, extreme temperature fluctuations, or extreme winds. All these events, which have an immediate impact not only on the economic stability of the country but also on the quality of life of people and their health and the environment, can be called environmental security threats.

However, environmental security issues are not always synonymous with disasters. For example, people have always been concerned about the impact of their activities or the sustainable development of society.

So, what do you think? Are you interested? And do you want to know what and how we can influence? Then the Environmental Security study program is the right one for you.

Admissions and more information:

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Applicants with specific needs

Applicants with specific needs are offered the opportunity to consult the suitability of their chosen study program at the Centre for Students with Specific Needs before submitting their application. The accessibility of the specific program (concerning the type of disability of the applicant) can be found in the document below.

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