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SVOČ – Student research and professional activities

SVOČ is a research activity that students are engaged in. Student research and professional activities are for those who work or want to work on their project, introduce it to others, or get their support.

The output of Student scientific professional activity is a professional conference, where the results of the research are presented. Individual works and their presentation are assessed by an expert commission.

Everything you need to know about SVOČ.

Is SVOČ for me?

  • Student research and professional activities are intended for all students of FLCM.

Why sign up for Student scientific professional activity?

  • the opportunity to try writing a professional work,
  • presentation before an expert commission,
  • the student can try what it is like to present to the committee as in the final state examination,
  • getting feedback on your work,
  • the thesis can be used as a basis for a bachelor´s or master´s thesis,
  • scholarship and valuable prizes for the winners.

How to start with SVOČ?

The student chooses from the list of listed topics in his department. After selecting the topic, they will address the teacher of the given topic and together they will agree on the progress of the work. If the student has not chosen any of the listed topics, he can also come up with his topic and contact the teacher with whom he would like to work on work.

How to apply?

You can sign up at the email address It is not necessary to print the application form. Just fill in the documents that are attached below and send them to the email address.


Deadline for applications:
Deadline for submission of works:
Expected date of the conference:

Is it possible to compete only individually or in teams?
To SVOČ can apply both, individuals and teams.

In which professional categories does the competition take place?

  • environmental safety,
  • crisis management,
  • logistics,
  • protection of the population.

In the case of a smaller number of applications, it cannot be ruled out that some sections will be joined.

Scope of work?

The expected scope of work is possible in the student scientific professional activity directive. There are 10–15 standard pages for the bachelor’s degree and 15–20 standard pages for students of the master’s study program.

How to submit a finished work?

Finished works are submitted in the electronic form to e-mail

How does the competition work?

Each competition work will be received by Student research and professional activities immediately after the submission of the reviewer (opponent), who will write a report on it. On the day of the faculty round, individual works will be presented to an expert committee, which will decide on the order in the given professional category based on the assessment of the opponent’s opinion, the opinion of the thesis supervisor, and based on the level of presentation.

Who evaluates the work?

Each professional section acts separately, so the individual participants will present their work only to the expert committee and the remaining participants of the section.

Do bachelors have a chance against students of the follow-up master´s study program?

You don’t have to worry about this comparison at all, students of the follow-up master’s degree will compete in their separate category (one category for all specializations of the follow-up master’s field).

Where to address questions?

All possible questions will be answered by members of the Student research and professional activities organizational team, to whom you can send questions to

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