Tomas Bata University in Zlín



Crisis management and risk analysis

  • Analysis of the state and situation of the company or organization,
  • proposals and models of changes in the organization,
  • work with risks in organizations, their definition, monitoring, and management,
  • analysis of investment decisions and risks,
  • analysis and prevention of legal risks,
  • preparation and implementation of crisis scenarios of organizations.


  • Modeling, optimization or design of logistics processes using specialized software,
  • creation of CAD drawing documentation of industrial areas,
  • analysis and optimization of business processes from purchasing to packaging and identification,
  • analysis and optimization of warehouses and corporate stocks,
  • demand forecast,
  • logistics of cities and municipalities.

Environmental safety

  • Study of global climate change and natural processes,
  • creation of measures concerning the areas of energy management,
  • landscape ecology and landscape reconstruction projects,
  • environmental management and safety projects in organizations,
  • creation of cartographic visualization using specialized software,
  • analysis, interpretation, and visualization of various data.

Population protection

  • Forecast of impacts and consequences of accidents with leakage of dangerous chemical substances and explosions of booby-trapped explosive systems,
  • demonstration and modeling of conditions, including the consequences of major natural floods,
  • information support of risk analysis with the possibility to assess the vulnerability of individual assets to selected threats,
  • information support of selected processes within the period of recovery and resolution of damages and losses after the negative effects of an emergency or crisis have subsided.

Realized projects

  • Long-term cooperation with the Regional Office of the Zlín Region,
  • creation of a strategy for an emergency supply of drinking water to the population,
  • mapping and analysis of the control system of the transport of dangerous goods,
  • logistics of the ALBO SCHLENK s.r.o. warehouse in Bojkovice,
  • city ​​logistics for the city of Uherské Hradiště,
  • cooperation in the implementation of crisis management and communication with the company,
  • project House of unfired bricks with wooden structure with the company CB s.r.o.,
  • cooperation with Aircraft Industries, a. s. – production logistics of the L-410MG aircraft.

Faculties and departments