Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Why study at the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management?

Let us face it, safety is currently the most mentioned concept in the world. Everyone invests their time and resources to feel safe and not to be threatened, if possible. However, we know that surprises always lurk around the corner and never completely go away. One needs to be prepared. This is also why people who try to ensure the safety of society will not cease to exist. Whether at the state, municipal or company level, these people will simply always be needed and you can be one of them. You will become simply indispensable.

Science and first-hand practical experience

Doing science is not rocket science once you have the possibility to really try it out. Do you think figuring out how to secure something is easy? You would be surprised. The aim and art of our work is to do things right; to be able to decide in a short amount of time and make no mistakes. In order to do so, it is necessary to be experienced or to learn how to simplify things. Precisely this presents lots and lots of room for science – for conceiving ways and solutions, methods and applications which will make our work easier and will ensure that we do not make mistakes. In the laboratories, classrooms, but also outside in the open, you can delve into the research you will later use in your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. In addition, we regularly organise a conference where you can showcase such projects. Mandatory practical training all our students undergo is just the icing on the cake.

Everything in one place

Studying in Uherské Hradiště has a great advantage: everything is in one place there. The campus is a minute’s walk from the university building, from the cafeteria and from the library, and you can run to the grocery in your slippers. The historical centre, many sporting venues, endless cycling paths, restaurants and clubs – everything is “a stone’s throw away”. And yet there is always something to discover!

Students live as one family, knowing each other and organizing events together. Just come and try it out. We believe that you will not want to go anywhere else.

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