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Department of Crisis Management

A good manager has to know how to plan properly and how to lead people and run their activities. What about a crisis manager, then? Such a manager needs to be able to solve developed risk situations and, even better, to prevent them from unfolding. Nowadays, there is growing “hunger” for people of this profession. They need to have knowledge of economics, project management, psychology, computer science and other areas. Crisis management is not only for the protection of human lives, but also for the protection of people’s and companies’ properties. This also includes data and information protection, and even the protection of companies’ reputations. Therefore, you do need to know a lot.

What you will learn at this Department for certain is to consider everything very carefully: analytical thinking really is essential to making the right key decisions. You will be provided with insight into project management, risk analysis, and the safety of machines, equipment and technological units. Apart from that, you will be frequenting the laboratory of applied informatics with interesting training programmes. You will be lectured by both academics and practising experts, you will see interesting businesses and facilities and pass a professional internship. All of this with the possibility to deepen your knowledge in the successive master’s programme with the possibility of earning a Master of Sciences degree.


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