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Department of Crisis Management

A quality manager should be a proficient organizer, a capable planner, and, last but not least, a good coach. And the crisis manager? He must be able to deal effectively with crises and prevent them even better. Today, there is a real “hunger” for the people of this profession. Must know about economics, project management, psychology, computer science, and other areas. Crisis management is not only about protecting human lives, but also the property of people and companies. It also includes the protection of data, information, and even the reputation of companies. That’s why you need to know a lot.

The staff of the Institute of Crisis Management will primarily try to teach you to think about things. Analytical thinking is the key to making the right decision. You will gain insight into management, risk analysis, crisis planning, psychology, decision-making under uncertainty, business economics, or occupational safety. Besides, you will visit the laboratories of cybersecurity and applied informatics with interesting simulation programs. Academics and practitioners will give you lectures, look at interesting companies and facilities, and complete a professional internship. All this with the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in the follow-up master’s program with the vision of obtaining the title of engineer.

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