Department of Population Protection

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Department of Population Protection

Nowadays, threats just keep pouring in: terrorism, accidents and break-downs, armed conflicts, natural disasters and many other things. We are facing new threats, but we are also developing new methods and means to be able to face them. Developed states seek to recruit experts who would fend off these threats. At the Department of Population Protection, you will have the ideal environment to become such an expert.

You will find out about the causes and contexts of past, current and even future threats. You will understand the composition, functioning and interconnectedness of the integrated emergency system in the Czech Republic which is one of the most perfect ones in the world. You will find out how the Czech Republic’s emergency system works and who is responsible for it. And if you are curious about what may cause leakage of chemicals from a tanker or an industrial operation, how much of a shock wave you will feel due to the explosion of a specific explosive or how much damage a tidal flood can cause, you will be able to run realistic simulations and tests in our labs and computer labs. During your M.Sc. studies, you will learn to plan and coordinate the procedures of emergency services who take part in dealing with such events. In short, you will be met with a lot of interesting projects and challenges very few mortals encounter or are able to live up to. Everything is complemented by expert practical education, excursions, conferences, and other endless possibilities of student life.


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