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Department of Population Protection

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Department of Population Protection

It is currently falling on us from all sides: terrorism, accidents and incidents, armed conflicts, natural disasters, and much more. We face new threats, but at the same time, we are developing new methods and tools that help us. Developed countries are working to obtain experts to combat these threats. At the department of Population Protection, you will have the ideal background to become an expert as well.

Here you will find out the causes and connections of past, present, and future threats. You will understand the composition, functionality, and interconnection of the components of the integrated rescue system in the Czech Republic, which is one of the most perfect in the world. You will find out how the security system works in the Czech Republic and who is responsible for it. And if you are curious about what can cause a chemical leak from a tanker or industrial plant and the extent of the threat to the population or how much damage the torrential flood will cause, you will be able to simulate and test everything in our laboratories and computer classrooms.

In the master’s study, you will learn to plan and coordinate the procedures of rescue services that are involved in dealing with these events. In short and well, a lot of interesting projects and challenges await you, which few mortals get to and manage to subdue. Everything is complemented by professional practice, excursions, conferences, and other endless possibilities of student life.

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