Department of Crisis Management


Do you want to know how expensive the measure you wish to introduce into practice will be? Are you thinking about the impact of the behaviour of people in your organization? You are at the right address, then. For the whole faculty, the Department ensures the instruction of courses focusing on economics, risk analysis, psychology, cyber-security, and the vast majority of courses focusing on crisis management. The aim of this Department is not only to introduce you to the theory but also to teach you to think critically about the issues.

In summary, graduates who undergo instruction at the Department should be able to deal with emergencies flexibly, create emergency and contingency plans, analyze the economic impact of their measures, know their way around in financial risks, take care of prevention in the area of occupational safety and be able to use appropriate information and communication technologies for the support of crisis managers’ decision making processes.

We guarantee and perform the instruction of the Bachelor’s degree course Risk Management and the specialization of Risk Engineering in the Master’s degree course.

For example, the Department of Crisis Management has up until now produced the following Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis:

  • An implementation project of risk management to a selected organization.
  • Risk analysis and security of machines in a selected company.
  • Evacuation plan proposal of a selected municipality.
  • The issue of stress prevention and stress management in a selected organization.
  • Financial risk management in a selected company.
  • Business plan for starting a business.
  • Analysis of crisis communication during a selected emergency.
  • The use of process management in cyber-security.
  • Practical compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in the production of plastic piping systems.
  • Assessment of security risks in the organization of European Under-21 Football Championship at the football stadium in Uherské Hradiště.

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