Head of Department

Ing. et Ing. Jiří Konečný, Ph.D.

TEL:+420 576 038 062 Mobile:+420 724 434 562 E-mail: konecny@utb.cz Office:H1/2.19


Ing. Jiří Dokulil

asistent TEL:+420 576 032 095 E-mail: dokulil@utb.cz Office:H1/182.17

Assistant to Head of Department

Bc.Ing. Eva Batůšková

TEL:+420 576 032 086 E-mail: batuskova@utb.cz Office:H1/1.13

Internal Academic Staff

Ing. Eva Hoke, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer TEL:+420 576 032 095 E-mail: hoke@utb.cz Office:H1/182.17

Ing. Slavomíra Vargová, Ph.D.

TEL:+420 576 032 084 E-mail: vargova@utb.cz Office:H1/182.36

Ing. Pavel Viskup, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor TEL:+420 576 038 056 E-mail: viskup@utb.cz Office:H1/2.22

doc. RNDr. Zdeněk Botek, CSc.

TEL:+420 576 038 076 E-mail: zbotek@utb.cz Office:H1/182.18

External Staff

Ing. Petr Mikulec

E-mail: mikulec@utb.cz

Faculties and departments

Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Management and Economics

Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Faculty of Applied Informatics

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management

University Institute


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