Tomas Bata University in Zlín



The collaboration with other academic departments is also important. The Faculty is in academic coooperation with the following institutions:

  • Institute of Court Engineering, University of Technology in Brno
  • Mining University – Technical University of Ostrava
  • Faculty of Security Engineering, University of Žilina, Slovakia
  • Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Institute of Integrated Safety, Slovakia
  • Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology, Technical University of Zvolen, Slovakia

We also cooperate with secondary schools:

  • Archbishop Grammar School, Velehrad
  • Grammar School, Otrokovice
  • Moravian Slovakia Grammar School, Uherské Hradiště
  • Vocational Secondary School and Grammar School, Staré Město
  • Industrial Secondary School of Edvard Beneš
  • Industrial Secondary School, Hranice
  • Secondary School of Gastronomy, Hotel Industry and Forestry, Bzenec
  • Secondary School of Industry, Hotel Industry and Healthcare, Uherské Hradiště
  • Secondary School of Applied Arts, Uherské Hradiště
  • Police College and Secondary Police School of the Ministry of the Interior, Holešov

Faculties and departments