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7 reasons to study FLKŘ at UTB

The world is full of emergencies and needs quality crisis managers and security professionals more than ever. That’s why we are here – the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management at Tomas Bata University. For over 15 years we have been educating graduates who can solve problems and are not afraid of any challenge.

Don’t wait for the future. Come join us in shaping it now. Safer and healthier.

Extremely relevant and sought-after programs

Professionals in our study programs are in great demand in the market. Especially nowadays. You can find UTB FLKŘ graduates all over the world in the private sector, emergency services, state organizations, and local governments.

FLKŘ UTB - studijní obory

Become an expert in protecting people, companies, and the environment. You will learn how logistics, economics, management, and strategic planning or Integrated Rescue System activities work. You will find out where risk can occur and how to prevent it. And when trouble does come, you’ll be able to deal with it quickly.

FLKŘ UTB - studijní obory

A pandemic of an unknown virus, chemicals in a river, air pollution… or even “just” poorly optimized production or a malfunctioning transport hub.

No problem will catch you by surprise. You’ll get a plan, you’ll come up with a solution. Always a few steps ahead of everyone else. You’ll become an indispensable link in every organization and company. Or start your own. It’s up to you.

Well-equipped campus in Uherské Hradiště

At our campus near the historic city center, everything is at your fingertips. You’ll find modern laboratories and classrooms, dormitories, and a canteen all in one place.

Kampus - budovy FLKŘ UTB v Uherském Hradišti

Teaching is taken care of by the staff of the four specialized departments of the faculty. In our Simulation Crisis Classrooms, for example, we will teach you to model various emergencies such as floods or an atomic bomb explosion. The unique GIS Lab is part of the worldwide network of Geo for All labs, and you can create almost anything from land-use planning to mapping possible life on Mars. The Logistics Lab allows you to plan and refine detailed logistics processes in transportation, cities, and towns, and the private sector.

But you can also look forward to the Cybersecurity Lab, the Chemistry Lab, the upcoming Psychology Lab, and other departments beyond the faculty.

Laboratoře FLKŘ UTB v Uherském Hradišti

Our campus is also strategically located. Within a 500m radius, you can find everything you need to live. A plethora of sporting activities and facilities, shops, cinema, museums, theatre, … It’s only a few minutes’ walk to the popular water park or the famous Bata Canal. As well as the city center.

Of course, we also think about students with different types of disabilities and other disadvantages. We will help you with everything! Info.

An internship like no other – in companies and the field


You’ll see places that ordinary people don’t get to see. You’ll experience situations that will prepare you to tackle the most challenging tasks.


You’ll have field trips and internships on-site. You’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes of the emergency services. You will learn how crisis staff and strategic state units, such as state material reserve warehouses, work.

In addition, FLKŘ participates in the organization of international conferences such as CrisCon (Crisis Management and Emergency Response) or MEKA (Disaster Medicine), where leading experts in the field meet and share their experiences.


Pssst! And be prepared to be offered an attractive job during your internship, as the demand for our majors and graduates is high.

Travel, study, and explore the world!

We are an international university, so we have a wide range of study placements and internships on offer. We’d love to send you on a journey abroad!

Just choose from programs like ERASMUS, CEEPUS, ERASMUS+, Freemovers, or IAESTE. And go pretty much anywhere in the world.

Studium v zahraničí - FLKŘ UTB

Of course, we’ll help you with your travel arrangements. Check out the Student Trips page for more detailed info and a few stories from our students.


Uherské Hradiště is simply a heartland! A historic royal city on the Morava River is full of cool people, culture, and renowned events.

UH 01

Every year, for example, the famous Summer Film School is held here, where fans from all over the Czech Republic and other countries flock. You can also experience the costumed Wine and Open Monuments Festival or enjoy the several-day Slovácké Summer Festival full of sports, sun, and great concerts.

But there is also the famous Bata Canal, Aquapark, and other attractions in the city and its surroundings. Or you can just stroll through the streets and parks, have a good coffee, and enjoy the atmosphere.

UH 02

Hradiště simply has its charm. It offers you open arms and absolutely everything you need to study and realize your dreams.

A great group and student life

At FLKŘ we are easy-going, we all know each other and help each other out. At any time, you can turn to your senior classmates, as well as, of course, to the teachers and faculty staff.

Studentský život a aktivity na FLKŘ UTB

In addition, we have a skillful and active Students’ Union, which you can join and help organize such events as the Freshers’ Welcome, the May Ball, the FLKŘ Ball, the UTB Meet and Greet, as well as the Logistics Symposium, Let’s Clean Up the World, Science Café lectures and many others.

Hazmat suit kiss :) Polibek v protichemickém obleku není problém :)

Studentský život a aktivity na FLKŘ UTB

Zakončení studia na FLKŘ UTB

And when you write your name on the ground in front of the faculty at the end of your studies, you may not be able to resist a tear of emotion…

Zakončení studia na FLKŘ UTB - Happy students

Extraordinary Faculty

  • We are the only faculty of Tomas Bata University based outside Zlín. Moreover, with its campus and excellent study facilities, with a canteen and nice dormitories. All in one place.
  • We offer extraordinary courses, thanks to which our graduates will find employment in practice in the Czech Republic and all over the world.
  • We are a good bunch and there is a relaxed atmosphere at every step. Just like in Uherské Hradiště itself and the entire Slovak region.
  • Our students are also great athletes, we have among us, for example, world champions in fire sports!
  • You can come to the classes by a fire truck or truck and you will still have a place to park. Proven ?
  • You definitely won’t get bored with us, we are professionals in emergencies!
  • And we’ll be happy to show you the rest in person. You just must experience it!

In short – we are FLKŘ UTB.

The extraordinary faculty.

We’re ready and looking forward to it. What about you?

It’s up to you!


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