Department of Crisis Management


Providing instruction, the Department keeps in close cooperation with the Department of Special Tasks of the Regional Authority of the Zlín Region and with the Department of Crisis Management of the town of Uherské Hradiště. The professionals of these institutions are involved in the instruction of the following courses:

  • Crisis and Emergency Planning
  • Emergencies and Crisis Situations
  • Elaboration of Written and Graphical Documents in Crisis Management

Our students familiarize themselves with the functioning of companies especially through excursions which are regularly organized in these major companies:

  • Škoda Auto a.s. [Inc.]
  • Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s. [Inc.]
  • Agrotec a.s. [Inc.]
  • Čepro a.s. [Inc.]

It would be a sin to let the modern technical equipment and creative team of staff members idle. Therefore, apart from instruction and research activities, we also offer cooperation to those interested from the private sector. We can especially offer to perform expert analyses and provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Identification of risks in an organization, their analysis and assessment.
  • Analysis of processes in an organization and proposal for their optimization.
  • Analysis of investment decision-making and of connected risks
  • Preparation of crisis scenarios and emergency plans of an organization
  • Analysis of promotional activities in an organization and proposal for their optimization.

We also offer the organization of workshops and seminars, implementation of common scientific research projects and cooperation in the search for new skilled workers – for example, in the form of professional internships and practical education – or cooperation on the completion of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.


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