Department of Population Protection

Science and Research

Science is important to us. It helps us develop our fields, improve ourselves in our area of focus and form interesting cooperation with various entities. The Department staff actively seek new knowledge and regularly participate in international conferences, both on the field of population protection, and on the fields tackling the issues of information technologies and logistics. Here, we exchange experience and knowledge with the professional community. This ensures that our instruction lacks neither in quality, nor in topicality. Department of Population Protection is currently implementing the following projects:

  • Research Organization Development Project (Center for the Excellence of Population Protection) – RVO/FLKŘ/2017/03, involving in the implementation all the Department’s staff,
  • Strategic TBU Zlín project OP VVV (participation of members of the Department of Population Protection), CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_015/002204
  • Project “Information Support for Population Protection” – IGA/FLKŘ/2017/003
  • Project “Special Transport Logistics” – IGA/FLKŘ/2017/004
  • In the context of international cooperation with the Technical University of Košice, the Department participates on the implementation of the project “Virtual laboratory for education of computer simulation and distributed/parallel calculations based on the finite element method, project no. 018TUKE-4/2016”.

As part of the successfully implemented project “Innovation and Development of Teaching Safety with a Focus on Crisis Management. CZ. 1.07/2.2.00/28.0185”, supported by the European Structural Fund, we have built two laboratories for specialized instruction with the subsequent fully functional software:

  • POSIM Software
  • TerEx Software
  • EMOFF Software
  • SW tool for support of policy analysis – RISKAN
  • PRACTIS Software
  • Argis Software (in cooperation with the Administration of State Material Reserves)

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