Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Practical info


As students FLCM, you are eligible for different types of scholarships.

Accommodation scholarship

When certain conditions are met, students receive a housing scholarship, which is paid twice a year. The payment for the first period ( September 1 – December 12. ) is in December, and for the second period ( January 1 – June 30) in July.

The amount of the accommodation scholarship varies every year a little. In the last year, to give an idea, it was CZK 2,800 for the first period and CZK 4,200 for the second one.

Merit scholarship

The merit scholarship is for the smartest students who have had an excellent academic average in the previous academic year. The scholarship according to study results is approximately as follows:

  • average grade 1.00 (CZK 1500 / month)
  • average more than 1.00 and less than or equal to 1.2 (CZK 700 / month)
  • average more than 1.20 and less than or equal to 1.40 (CZK 500 / month)

The university alphabetic marks are calculated as follows:

A- 1,0 | B- 1,5 | C- 2,0 | D- 2,5 | E- 3,0

Social scholarship

Of course, there also is a social scholarship. The information on the conditions will be gladly provided to you at the Study Department and at .

Special scholarships

You can obtain special scholarship for extraordinary activity that benefits the Faculty, e.g. for promotional and representational activities.

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