Tomas Bata University in Zlín



Are you asking what scientific equipment can the faculty have when it deals with logistics and crisis management?
Actually, the answer is quite simple. Unique disciplines = unique equipment.

The above equation demonstrates the fact that at our faculty, you will come into contact with relatively unique software and hardware equipment. Despite the fact that the presence of some of it is quite rare in the Czech Republic, we can guarantee that our laboratories do not function as mere showcases where you would only watch work with this kind of software from a distance. With us, you will get the actual hands-on experience and you will learn to handle and utilize it.

And why do students work with it? It’s simple. They primarily learn to use analytical and critical thinking that is indispensable in the area of crisis management. They further enhance these skills through the creation of projects and teamwork. They learn to present, discuss and defend their own work. They learn that ideas are best sold in visual form and that in practice, they often only get one attempt at persuading their audience. Last but not least, they will be able to use the equipment to create their Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, or for their scientific activities.

However, there still is one more advantage to FLCM. If you happen to like some of the areas you are not directly studying, you have a free field. Our academic staff is ready to help and provide space to anyone interested in their segment, making no distinction in what their current course of study is.

What laboratories are we talking about?

  • Simulation Crisis Classrooms (KM1, KM2)
  • Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Laboratory of Logistics
  • Laboratory of Chemistry – instraction is to be launched in September 2018
  • Laboratory of Cyber-Security – in preparation
  • Laboratory of Psychology – in preparation

Faculties and departments