Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Development of research organizations

Project NoName of ProjectMain SolverSolution Time
RVO/FLKŘ/2019/01Unconventional methods and techniques in the study of the landscapeRNDr. Jakub Trojan, MSc.  Ph.D.2019-2020
RVO/FLKŘ/2019/02Processes in logistics chains in selected production and service companiesdoc. Ing. Zuzana Tučková, Ph.D.2019-2020
RVO/FLKŘ/2019/03Possibilities of using knowledge from the field of Citizen Science in social sciencesIng. Pavel Taraba, Ph.D.2019-2020
RVO/FLKŘ/2019/04Risk management and crisis management in organizationsMgr. Marek Tomaštík, Ph.D.2019-2020
RVO/FLKŘ/2019/05Security and protection of the populationprof. Ing. Dušan Vičar, CSc.2019-2020

Faculties and departments