Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Master’s programme

Society Security

Three years have passed like flowing water but you feel that there is still room for improvement and goals to move towards? You like the university environment or have higher ambitions? Why not? Our successive master’s programme Society security is at your disposal to meet even the most demanding ideas of a university student’s life with only one difference: you can build on what you had learned with us already.

At the beginning, you will brush up your knowledge and add some new. You will choose a specialization for the second year and the master’s thesis topic. Before you know it, you will be a seasoned student who applies their knowledge on a variety of projects that the FLCM researches. You can even start your own projects during your mandatory practical training. Not only can you be their lead researcher, but you can also even earn some money or go see a conference abroad where you can introduce your work to colleagues in your field.

After graduating from the FLCM, you can add an M.Sc. to your CV (or an “Ing.” as abbreviated in Czech).

Specialization in the second year:

  • Risk engineering
  • Population protection
  • Management of production and logistic systems
  • Environmental security

What courses can you look forward to?

  • Process management
  • Risk management in public administration
  • Project activity
  • Production technology
  • Industrial risks
  • Cyber-security in the environment of logistics and crisis management
  • Supply chain management
  • Applied population protection
  • Food security and emergency supplies
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology
  • Ecological approaches to materials and technologies

Where can you find employment after graduating?

  • Project management, consulting, optimization of production and non-production processes
  • Security departments of technological complexes and industrial businesses
  • Transport companies, logistical centres
  • The sphere of trade and services, operations management
  • State administration and local authorities, bodies of crisis management
  • Units of the Integrated Emergency System (Police of the Czech Republic, Fire Rescue Service, Emergency Medical Service, the Army of the Czech Republic, and other)

Form of study: full-time

Faculties and departments