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Admission procedure Bachelor’s study

The admission exam for study programmes Protection of Population and Process engineering are such that there actually are none. You just have to file an application, fill in the secondary school averages and fulfil all formal requirements.

For the study program Security of Society, we have to gently check on your English. Once you complete and submit your application and meet all requirements, we will invite you to fill out a short test of your knowledge. However, believe us that there really is nothing to worry about. The test is simple and you only need 50% correct to pass. Also, we are not letting anyone know your results. However, if you reached the highest mark for your school-leaving exam in English, or if you are a proud owner of one of the B2 level certificates, please, submit these documents to us until August 17, 2018 and we will exempt you from the admission procedure straight away.

Deadline for applications: August 13, 2018

The entrance examination for the programme Environmental risk management is held on 27th August 2018.


The 2nd round of the admission procedure for undergraduate programmes in the academic year 2018/2019 is held on August 13, 2018


a) FILE YOUR E-APPLICATION WITHIN THE DEADLINE Just follow the procedure that can be found on the link:www.eprihlaska.utb.cz. Sign in. Choose what you want to study, enter all the personal information and print a copy of the application form for yourself. See the “Overview” link to check that you have entered everything correctly. You can also find the option to print the application form (“Print version”) and the information for the payment of administration fee. By registering your e-application, a unique study programme number is generated which is submitted with the payment of administration fee as its specific symbol. After the registration, the application is still accessible for any repairs, so no stress, the circle is closed upon the payment and acceptance of the fee.

b) PRINT OUT THE APPLICATION FORM TOGETHER WITH ANNEXES Print the application form mentioned in the previous paragraph. Add other attachments to it:

  • proof of administration fee payment (postal money order snippet, or a copy of bank transactions statement)
  • the secondary school mark averages stated in the e-application form must be confirmed by signature and stamp of the secondary school (does not apply to applications to the study programme Society security). If the candidate does not have the ability to obtain this confirmation, they need to annex certified copies of all pages of yearly mark reports to the printed application form.
  • certified copy of the secondary school-leaving exam certificate (this certificate must be certified at the registrar’s office or at an office designated to verifying signatures, not at the secondary school). Candidates from abroad (with the exception of citizens of the Slovak Republic) also need to append: – certificate of an exam in Czech language at least on B2 level
  • certificate(s) of completed secondary education, which will be recognized and equivalenced, certified and translated into the Czech language


Send everything not later than on August 17, 2018 to the address:

Fakulta logistiky a krizového řízení UTB ve Zlíně
studijní oddělení
Studentské nám. 1532
686 01 Uherské Hradiště


Please complete the payment at the latest by 13 August 2018.

The administrative fee for application to the study programmes Protection of Population and Process engineering is CZK 320.

The administrative fee for application to the study programme Security of Society is CZK 490.

You can pay the fee either by bank transfer or by postal order. The fee is non-refundable at any stage of the recruitment procedure.

Payment details are as follows:

  • Bank name: Komerční Banka Zlín
  • account no: 27-1925270277/0100
  • variable symbol: 2103602990
  • specific symbol: programme-specific number which was given after the completion of the e-application form
  • constant symbol: 0558 (bank transfer), 0379 (payment by postal order)
  • IBAN for payment from abroad: CZ 7501000000 2719 2527 0277.
  • When paying online with a credit card, the variable and specific symbol is automatically assigned
  • When paying online with a credit card, the payment is recorded as soon as it is successfully passed through the payment gateway

The candidates must track the confirmation of administration fee payment at the interface of e-application completion. Within 10 days of the payment, the payment should appear in the system as “accepted” (or “přijata”, and by the green flag icon). Applications marked this way can no longer be altered or withdrawn. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor whether the application itself is accepted (green flag icon – this means that the application complies with all the formal requirements). If this confirmation of payment receipt or application acceptance do not appear, please contact us at: studium@flkr.utb.cz


The admission of applicants is decided by the Dean of the Faculty on the basis of the recommendation of the admission committee.

For the study programmes of Protection of Population and Process engineering, candidates will be admitted based on secondary school averages (list built in ascending order).

For the study programme of Society security, candidates will be admitted based on the success of their entrance exam from English.

The results will be known by August 31, 2018 at: https://stag.utb.cz/portal/studium/uchazec/prijimaci-rizeni.html?pc_lang=en

Candidates will be contacted regarding the proposal of admission to study by email. You will also learn the enrolment date when you will obtain the admission decision. Then, you become a full-fledged FLCM student.

The number of students admitted this academic year is set as follows:

Programmes of Bachelor studies

The estimated number of accepted students:

  • Protection of Population – full-time study 200
  • Risk Control – full-time study 120
  • Environmental risk management – full-time study 30
  • Protection of Population – part-time study 110
  • Risk Control – part-time study 100


Your personal presence on the enrolment day is required. In exceptional cases, enrolment can be performed by proxy of a person who produces a certified letter of attorney.

Enrolments for the 1st round of admission procedure will be conducted as follows:

  • July 10-12th, 2018 – for students of full-time study and for students of part-time study

Enrolments for the 2nd round of admission procedure will be conducted as follows:

  • September, 2018 – for students of full-time study and for students of part-time study


In case of any doubt, you can contact us at studium@flkr.utb.cz or by phone at 576 038 075.


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