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Staff Mobility

Training Mobility

Requirements for Outgoing Staff

  • The member of the academic staff must be an employee of TBU (i.e. employment by virtue of employment contract) and that for the entire planned period of the mobility.
  • An employee who works at TBU by virtue of Contract for Services or Subcontract Agreement may take part in the mobility only in exceptional cases.
  • The member of staff may be a citizen of any country.
  • Teachers applying for their first mobility should be given preference.
  • The outgoing member of the academic staff is obliged to pass the selection process at the relevant Faculty.
  • Selection process for the mobility falls within the competence of the relevant Faculty. The selection criteria shall be laid down by the Faculty; however, they must be transparent and fair.
  • The International Office reserves the right to refuse the applicant for mobility, and that particularly if:
    – s/he fails to pass the selection process at the relevant Faculty
    – s/he is not reported to the International Office in a regular and timely manner by the Faculty
    – the grant has been exhausted

Staff Training Terms and Conditions

  • The staff training must take place in a foreign company or at a foreign higher education institution which holds the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.
  • The staff training which takes place at the higher education institution may be carried out only by virtue of the Bilateral Agreement between TBU and the receiving institution.
  • The standard length of the mobility is 5 working days; the minimum length of the mobility is 2 working days.
  • Members of the academic staff are allowed to take part in the mobility repeatedly within the Erasmus+ programme. Due to limited financial resources, taking part in no more than 1 mobility per academic year is highly recommended.

Staff Training Funding

Accounting for expenditures related to the mobility is first made at the expense of the cost centre under which the employee falls. After the teacher’s return from abroad the permission to travel on University business shall be sent to the International Office that shall debit the expenditures to the Erasmus+ programme. In the event that the expenses related to the mobility exceed the amount of grant provided by the Erasmus+ programme, the shortfall shall be funded by the relevant Faculty and, consequently, the Grant Application Form shall be signed by the Secretary to the relevant Faculty.

If two or more teachers travel together, it is preferable that each of them presents his/her own accounting documents (accommodation, travel costs, etc.). Nevertheless, making use of the group travel discounts is highly recommended.

Expenses Related to the Stay

  • The amount of financial support from the Erasmus+ programme for the academic year 2014/2015 depends on the grant rate for the relevant countries and for one working day of staff training; the amounts mentioned correspond to the maximum financial support that can be provided for one working day abroad.
  • Possible “pocket-money” will not be provided by the Erasmus+ programme.

Travel Expenses

  • Apart from the expenses related to the stay (accommodation, medical insurance, public transportation, etc.), the travel expenses are monitored (journey from the Czech Republic to the foreign country and back – the first and the last day of the journey). These expenses will be covered up to the amount specified in the grant rates.
  • Travel distances must be calculated using the calculator available at: other manner of calculation will be accepted.


The first document that must be confirmed by TBU as well as by the receiving institution prior to the mobility is the so-called Training Agreement. The outgoing teacher shall specify there, among other things, the objective and purpose of the mobility and, the programme and expected results of the training. On behalf of TBU, the document shall be signed by the Vice-Dean for International Relations of the relevant Faculty, or by the Vice-Rector for International Relations.

At least two weeks before the planned departure it is necessary to submit at the International Office the Grant Application Form, which shall specify the preliminary budget for the mobility. Although it is a preliminary budget, the specified amount should correspond to the real amount as much as possible.

The Grant Agreement shall be concluded at the International Office approximately one week before the departure. The exact dates of the stay and the amount of the financial support provided by the Erasmus+ programme shall be specified in the Agreement.

After returning from the mobility the teacher must complete (within the dates specified in the Grant Agreement) the Final Report (it will be sent in the electronic form to the teacher’s university email after returning from the mobility) and submit the Confirmation of Mobility document. The Confirmation must specify the start and end dates of the stay at the receiving institution, brief programme of the training; and it must be sealed and signed on behalf of the receiving institution.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office of TBU.

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