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Academic Senate

Academic Senate

Composition of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management


  • Ing. Jan Strohmandl, Ph.D.


  • doc. Ing. Pavel Valášek, CSc. LL.M.

Members – Academic Staff

  • Ing. Romana Heinzová, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Pavel Tomášek, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Kamil Peterek, Ph.D.
  • JUDr. Radomíra Veselá, Ph.D., LL.M.

Members – Students

  • Bc. Nela Hasová
  • Vojtěch Karlík
  • Dalibor Malý
  • Bc. Tomáš Řepka


About the academic senate

The Academic Senate (AS) of the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management consists of representatives of academic staff and students (6 + 5) who are elected to these positions. The academic community has the opportunity to influence, with the help of its representatives, all matters related to the scope of activities of the faculty. AS performs a control function, not only in the management of financial resources. The Economic and Legislative Commission works within the Senate. Meetings of the FLCM Academic Senate are publicly accessible by law.

Academic Senate


  • the proposal of the Dean on the establishment of a merger, amalgamation, division or abolition of faculty workplaces.


  • internal regulations and standards of FLCM,
  • the long-term plan of educational, scientific, research and other creative activities of FLCM and its annual update,
  • the appointment and removal of members of the FLCM Scientific Council and the FLCM Disciplinary Committee,
  • the distribution of FLCM funds and controls their use,
  • conditions for admission to study in FLCM study programs.


  • the proposal for the appointment of the Dean, or proposes his removal from office.

Expresses in particular:

  • the Dean’s intention to appoint or dismiss Vice-Deans,
  • the initiatives and opinions of the FLKŘ Scientific Council,
  • proposals for study programs carried out at FLCM.

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